Concrete is the most common, most durable, most versatile and most affordable hardscape material. When you chose concrete as your hardscape material, you have allowed yourself a multitude of options to really maximize the appeal of your home, customized to your personal style.

Concrete has many finishes and color options and can be formed into nearly any shape. Whether you’re looking to replace your driveway, want planter walls and winding pathways through your garden, or a new stairway from your entry or specific lines and curves to your patio, concrete can bring your idea to life.

Concrete color and finish options allow you to create the look and feel you want.

Concrete finishes include:

  • Trowel (smooth finish mostly used for foundations and structural retaining walls)
  • Broom (found on city sidewalks)
  • Stamped (our favorite: textures formed into stamps that generally mimic other natural finishes such as stone, tile or wood that are impressed into concrete)
  • Salt finish (course salt is thrown onto smooth finished concrete to create a porous look)
  • Topcast (is a topping that creates aggregate finishes)
  • Exposed aggregate (pebbles or stones impressed into the concrete)
  • Sand blast (purposely eroding the surface layer of cement to expose the aggregate within, different from aggregate finish where pebbles are pressed into finish)

There are multiple integral colors that can be mixed into your concrete load changing the field color of your hardscape space. You can then choose to add a flash color release that creates depth and accentuates the texture of stamped concrete. There are limitless combinations.

Let’s build something together.

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